Trying To Go All The Way On The First Date

Guest blogger and Way Beyond Ordinary Speaker Alexis Robin of Nourish Business Coaching and Nourish Life Coaching shares this humorous and all to common lesson on when enough is enough.

I was recently asked to speak to a group of teen girls at our local high school about life coaching and what I do for a living.  I was so excited to have an audience of teens let alone girls to inspire and teach about coaching.

30 minutes to influence the future women of our society over lunch, an opportunity to transform self absorbed, worried about what other people think, hoody wearing girls into self aware ladies who experience inner peace.

Because I made this out to be so important in my head, I ended up trying to cover WAY too much material in 30 minutes.  I made a few mistakes that we speakers make now and again…

  1. I didn’t clarify exactly what they wanted me to talk about.  This is total rookie mistake.  Define what they want. Was it information about what life coaches do? Was it an example of the tools I use? Was it a history of how I got to my current role?  I didn’t know so I told them everything!
  2. I didn’t identify the 3 key points that I wanted to make.  Knowing 3 key points keeps you on track.  30 min = 2 min intro, 7 min per point, 7 minutes for q&a.
  3. I forgot to ask how many people would be there.  I had 10 handouts and 25 people.  Ouch.

So, what did I learn? Don’t try and go all the way on the first date. When doing a short talk, like at Rotary or a High School; choose 3 simple points to talk about and leave them wanting a second date.

While it may not be possible to change these girl’s lives in 30 minutes, it is possible to plant seeds that inspire them.

The bonus, I got to share my story with a fellow coach who was trying to figure out what to talk to women leaders about for 30 minutes.  Now at least she can learn from my mistake.



Alexis Robin is a speaker, Certified Master Life Coach, Coach Trainer and Radio Host of The Bright Side. She specializes in taking leaps of faith and living life in full bloom. Learn more about Alexis at or her site




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