Top 4 Search + Social Tips for Professional Speakers

Guest blogger and Way Beyond Ordinary Speaker Caroline Melberg of Small Business Mavericks on improving your search profile

Search and social are as intertwined in 2013 as they ever were, and I believe they’re going to take their relationship deeper. There is no time more exciting for speakers trying to get new gigs through online marketing opportunities.


There are 4 absolutely essential tasks you need to do right now to improve your search profile through the social graph:


  • Establish a presence on Google+
  • Engage with audiences on at least 3 social networks
  • Facebook optimization for Graph Search
  • Use Google Authorship markup


Now, let’s talk about these one by one.


Establish a Google+ Presence


If you are serious about finding more speaking engagements through search, then I can’t recommend Google+ enough. Sign up for an account and use it because Google is integrating everything it does with the Google+ platform. Here are 5 benefits to using Google+ as a social media tool while increasing your searchability:


  1. Every post is searchable, both within Google+ and in universal search.
  2. Your profile is searchable. Google+ allows you to add more information to your profile than any other social network, and it’s all searchable. Load your profile with useful information about your speaking business using keywords for which you want to be found.
  3. You can set up a Google brand page just for your speaking business. And it’s searchable.
  4. You can create circles that act as segmented lists and send out information related to your business to those circles. Think of this as targeted marketing through the Google interface. The downside is, posts sent to specific circles that are not public are not searchable.
  5. Google Authorship. I’ll talk more about this later.


Engage With Audiences On At Least 3 Social Networks


You only have so many hours a day, so you can’t be everywhere. But you should be aware that your social media profiles are much more searchable if you are active on those networks.


I’ll say this again, the more you use a social network, the more likely your profile will appear in search results when people search for you by name. Pick your three most important social networks and be active on them. Engage with audiences, Like their posts, Retweet their posts, join Groups, and make audience engagement your number one priority.


Facebook Optimization For Graph Search


Facebook recently rolled out its long-awaited Graph Search. It’s essentially a way for Facebook users to search for information through their network of friends and the networks of their friends’ friends. Facebook’s Graph Search can be used to search for people, places, and “things.”


So how can you make yourself more searchable as a speaker on Facebook?


You can start by optimizing your Facebook profile to include information about your speaking business. What do you speak about? What audiences do you like to speak to? Will you travel or are you only available locally?


Next, set up a Facebook page for your speaking business. Facebook pages, like profiles, are searchable through the Facebook Graph Search. Be sure to use keywords associated with your speaking business. Mention the topics you speak about in your personal profile and on your speaker’s page. If you are a Way Beyond Ordinary Speaker Member, link from your Facebook page to your Speaker Profile on this site.


You should also upload photos of you speaking to groups. These action photos will establish you as a speaker more than anything. Tag those images with the proper keywords so they are searchable by the search engines and your visitors.


Join speakers groups on Facebook and stay active on them. (Become a Way Beyond Ordinary Speakers Member and gain access to a supportive group of authors and speakers!)


Whenever you have a speaking engagement, send out invites to your friends. These will establish times, dates, and locations, all of which are searchable in Facebook’s Graph Search.


Google Authorship Markup


Another Google+ feature that is very powerful for speakers is Google Authorship. It’s really powerful if you write guest articles on web properties other than your own. In your Google+ profile, you can link to websites where you are a contributor. When you write a guest post or article, ask the publisher to include your byline exactly the way it appears in your Google+ profile, then make sure the content links back to your Google+ profile.


Learn more about Google Authorship and make yourself more searchable to take full advantage of the Search + Social connection.


Caroline Melberg is the founder and Online Marketing Strategist for Small Business Mavericks. Caroline leverages her 25 years of experience with some of the nations largest companies to help growing businesses thrive. She brings her expertise in social media alive in her interactive training sessions and presentations. To learn more about Caroline or to hire her go to


2 Responses to Top 4 Search + Social Tips for Professional Speakers

  1. Paula says:

    I am just realizing the power of Google+. Why does it seem to be such a late comer to the social media scene? Or does it just attract a different audience?

    • Sheri says:

      Great question Paula. It actually is a little late compared to some of the other social platforms, but it’s very popular with more tech related audiences. The ties to Google makes it just that much more powerful in the big picture.

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