You’ve Got More In You

One of the themes I keep alive at my own service business is the concept and mindset that we all have more to offer. More to give, more to invest (mentally), more to create, and more capacity to accomplish things beyond the sea of mediocrity that our world seems surrounded by.

I preach this concept to my leadership team as well as our weekly accountability group clients that we coach. I don’t say this or attempt to drive this home in order to create an environment of chaos or concern, but rather to use it as a reminder that we will only ever accomplish the greatness that we’re capable of if we continually see ourselves in a higher light and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Sometimes clients will ask me how I got started in the service business and what it was like for me in the early days. While it may be fun at times to reflect on the hard work we’ve invested to grow our companies, I’m much more likely to focus on the fact that I just did it. How or what I did then is not going to move it forward today. Today we start from where we are, just like every day. I just DID what I knew I could do at the time.

I took massive action when competitors said, “It won’t work.” I didn’t have a lot of resources, but I also didn’t know what I didn’t know. I just did it. I made a tremendous amount of mistakes, went to the school of hard knocks several times, but I had dedication and determination. This is key. These are the concepts that can’t be taught in a simple seminar.

What about you? Have you been playing full out when it comes to the game of your business and your life? Are you making the best use of your time? Or are you waiting for it to get easier and procrastinating the tough stuff.

Whatever your answers may be to the questions above, I’m certain about one thing. You’ve got more! And I want to see it my friend! The market needs it from you, your team members are dying for it, your customers don’t even realize how bad they need this from you. But it’s up to you. Nobody can force you.

There are no achievement police. No one is going to come and arrest you for not giving the world what you know you have deep down inside. But you know it’s there. You know you’ve got more and now I’ve messed around and stirred it up. So, what are you going to do about it?


Kenny Chapman is co-founder of Way Beyond Ordinary Speakers, entrepreneur, professional speaker – and owner of Peterson Plumbing Heating and AC. Learn more about Kenny at



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