Performance  with  Passion

Where ever you perform, whether your stage is in front of thousands or at home in front of your loved ones, you desire to bring your greatest passion and your best performance. It’s not always easy when you’re doing it alone. Sometimes you need to call on someone to help you clarify your good thoughts, expel your not-so-good thoughts, or just bounce around your ideas. I’m a great sounding board and we can sort through it all together to create the very best version of you. I’ll help you unleash the passion to make all of your performances Way Beyond Ordinary.

Travel Light / Look Like A Pro: Using Ipad and Iphone To Run Your Presentations

By Guest Blogger Greg Niemi, Niemi TrustI now deliver presentations at large conferences using my iPad rather than lugging along my laptop PC.  I also

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Rehearsal Time For Professional Speakers

"I know my content so well, I'm better when I just kind of go with the flow." "I don't like to over-rehearse, it's makes my speech sound impersonal."  If you've

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What's The Story Others Will Tell Of You

Today I attended the funeral of the father of three of my dear friends. These are friends who have been a part of my life for over 30 years. There is not a lot I don't know about their family and

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Short Time Slot, Big Impact

Next month Way Beyond Ordinary Speakers will be sponsoring a speakers speed showcase put on by the MN Women In Networking organization. This is a great opportunity for organization leaders to

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