Performance  with  Passion

Where ever you perform, whether your stage is in front of thousands or at home in front of your loved ones, you desire to bring your greatest passion and your best performance. It’s not always easy when you’re doing it alone. Sometimes you need to call on someone to help you clarify your good thoughts, expel your not-so-good thoughts, or just bounce around your ideas. I’m a great sounding board and we can sort through it all together to create the very best version of you. I’ll help you unleash the passion to make all of your performances Way Beyond Ordinary.

Brilliant Public Speakers Cut Content To Create Clarity

Several years ago I was doing some training & development work for a client in the retail diamond business. In order to create training curriculum I needed to learn as much as possible about t

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How To Guarantee Your Audience Remembers Your Message

Have you ever sat through a webinar, workshop, keynote, etc. only to realize that 2 days later didn't remember a word that was said? Worse yet - have you been the leader of that webinar, workshop

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Why People Hate Power Point

I'm here today to stand up for Power Point. For years it's been taking the rap for something that is not it's fault and it's time someone stood up for it.

Power Point is nothing but a scapegoat!<

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Travel Light / Look Like A Pro: Using Ipad and Iphone To Run Your Presentations

By Guest Blogger Greg Niemi, Niemi TrustI now deliver presentations at large conferences using my iPad rather than lugging along my laptop PC.  I also

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